Google is Hiring Someone to Help Improve its SEO Ranking (seriously)

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Google is looking for an SEO expert. A new job posting for a “Program Manager, Search Engine Optimization” was spotted on the Google job board today, and it’s got everyone scratching their heads. First, let’s check out the job description: As a Program Manager for Technical SEO, you will work… Read more »

Learn How to Set up Google Webmaster tools – Google Search Console

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Google Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools (also called Google Search Console) is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. As of May 20th, 2015, Google re branded Google Webmaster Tools as Google Search Console. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. Features of Google Search Console:… Read more »

Best SEO Tools to Make Your Life Easier

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SEO tools to make your life easier

As per my experience and deep analysis in a digital marketing , I’ve compiled a list of useful tools to help with on-site optimization, link analysis and more.  While some of these tools are paid, the majority are free to use, or at least offer a limited service for free users…. Read more »

Phantom Update Rolls Out Targeting “How To Style Content”

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According to the NBC News, Google has launched the latest Algorithm Update, called “Phantom”. Revealed just after Google’s Mobilegeddon update that has favored the mobile friendly website in search results, Google’ Phantom update is primarily focused towards impacting publishers and modifying their “how to style content” part. Hubpages, a compilation… Read more »

5 Advanced SEO Strategies for Inbound Experts

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Seo strategies

SEO is easy to pick up, but very difficult to master. Anyone who spends a few hours learning the fundamental pillars of SEO can get a relatively firm grasp on the basics — including keeping your site updated, harnessing the power of great content, building external links, and getting involved… Read more »

3 Ways to Dominate the Local SEO Game

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Local SEO

When Google updated their algorithm, they changed the game of local SEO as we know it.  Unfortunately, not all of us are aware of what the new rules mean for maintaining a thriving website. The biggest thing to recognize about Google’s new algorithm is that your opponent is not a… Read more »

The Concept of Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing advertising channel that puts merchants in charge of an online marketing sales force. Merchants look to earn revenue from sale of their products or services, pay affiliates (publishers) who want to earn revenue from placement of product banners or text links on their site…. Read more »

Mobilegeddon Checklist – How To Prepare For This Week’s Google Mobile Friendly Update

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mobilegeddon - Mobile Friendly Update

Are you ready for Mobilegeddon? Google is releasing the mobile friendly update on April 21st. Here is what you need to know. The Google Mobile Friendly Update launches tomorrow, a day that many including ourselves here at Search Engine Land are calling “Mobilegeddon.” We first learned of Google’s plan to release a new… Read more »